The Woman Behind the Wacom

My name is Rachel Heibel, and I am a 35-year old wife, mom and self-taught artist of 20+ years in Erie, PA.


My serious artistic journey began as an 11-year old when I decided I really wanted to learn how to "draw people". I sat myself down for hours on end with a tablet and #2 pencil drawing pictures of celebrities out of magazines--usually begging my mom to buy the newest Teen Bop for reference material.


After graduating high school, I fell out of drawing on a regular basis. Upon getting married and having a baby 5 1/2 years later, I almost completely fell out of art.


In 2013 I began learning how to 3D model within Blender, and it ignited my love for producing art. Soon after I networked with a company called Theory Animation and joined their team as an animator. Along the way, I spent a lot of time learning and growing my animation skills.


It wasn't until the beginning of 2017 that I had something tugging at me to go back to my roots of drawing. I decided I wanted to learn how to draw/paint digitally and so began my journey into the world of digital art. It's been a combination of tutorials, books and teaching myself through trial and error that I've learned how to paint in Photoshop.


Today, I'm taking my love of animals and projecting that into my artwork and using my art to raise money for non-profit animal rescues. 


2019 Rachel Heibel Art

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Erie, PA  16505-8422

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